During the past seven years we've provided a platform for people to collaborate through sharing comments about the sites they visit. The time has come that we need to change...

Why Change?

Among the primary factors that have prompted us to pivot include the plethora of robotic postings to the site and the recent Google algorithm updates that negatively score many of these links.

What Now?

We are going to get back to providing real value to people in a real way again... like we did back when we first launched the site. We believe that "together we are smarter" so we will be launching on the new and improved SiteSays in the near future.

We realize that a bunch of you are trying to improve your websites and get additional traffic. We've found a couple of services that we recommend to help you out. First, if you need video, then this is the best video tool around. If you need text messaging, then you'll want to try out thankutext. If you are looking for sound advice in getting more traffic, then listen to nick. If you need a fresh layout, then there is nothing cleaner or easier than twitter bootstrap.

If you have a tool or service that you'd like to recommend, shoot us an email at: recommend@sitesays.com